Goodbye summer, I am HAPPY to see you go!

I’m sure so many of you looked at the title to this post and thought wait, she’s what? & did a double take; but you read that right, I am HAPPY summer is over! Summertime is my favorite season and I live for beach bum days and sun rays but summer 2016 – it’s a summer i will never forget and a summer that I would have gladly skipped! Actually I take that back, let me say it this way – it is a summer I will never forget but a summer I will be thankful for because of what I overcame, learned, and became stronger because of!


I was put to a test where {unfortunately} I had to say “no” and stand up and do what was best for my family and do what I could but it was not my responsibility, I had to decide to say goodbye to someone so important to me and someone that i treasure {still} but the relationship at some point became toxic, My husband and I had to recenter ourselves because well life happened, I had to rearrange my life to help keep family members motivated and positive and do what I could to help, and I had to learn to forgive, stay civil, don’t hurt because you’ve been hurt, tell myself over and over again “a reaction will get a reaction”, and learn to think things through before I speak because my words make things so final. I must say at times I thought that I had never been through worst but as always it is just life and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and I always know I’ve been through worst, and just look at how blessed I am because of what I learned in those situations.

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All of those things may not seem like much and I’m not going to give you details into those situations {{yet}} but from April 26 {{ I live on the AL Gulf Coast & it’s summertime in April}} to literally yesterday 9/21/2016 it has been one thing after another and since today is the first day of fall I am happy to say It’s Fall Y’all and focus on the future and not all the past!
First, I want to apoligize to you my readers and followers that I have been in and out and here and not and focused and unfocused. I could barely process all that was swirling around me and there was no way for me to process a blog post of anything. I shouldn’t have allowed what was going on to affect me like that but family comes first ALWAYS! I recently attended my favorite conference in the world Megaphone Summit 2016 in Fayetteville, AR and it was exactly what I need because those women are some of the strongest and most motivational women I have ever met and I’m so lucky to know each one of them because they have all taught me alot and are the reason I am successful in this business! After the conference I was swamped with other travels to Gulf Shores, AL which is home and then a family vacation to Kississmee, FL which included a awesome hotel/waterpark, Universal Studios, & Disney World {Magic Kingdom Only} but a vacation that unfortunately had to end early…. which was yesterday- So GOODBYE summer, I am HAPPY to see you go!

I’m only focused on the future and positivity from now on, if it doesn’t lift me up and build me for the better, I don’t want anything to do with it – NO NEGITIVITY – at all! Thank you all for the emails and comments on social media because that is what has kept Raised Southern going and me doing what little I was doing! Hope you all are planning a great fall because here comes the holidays!

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