Monthly Memories {August}

Well I’m finally caught up – at least Monthly Memories is caught up. I have so much more to do that I start feeling anxiety when I think about all that needs to get done and be completed! Blogging is hard y’all! It isn’t just writing – it’s so so much more, we’ll discuss that later. It isn’t just getting products to try first, promoting brands or meeting online friends it’s about bettering your business and brand and I feel pretty much the same way.


Secret Life of Pets

Movie Day for the Kids!

Monthly Memories

Tired Man, came in and sat down started trying to tell me about his day and was out, felt bad because then he got up a few hours later, showered, back to sleep and then up again. Broken sleep is worse I think.

Back to School

Back to School

Back to School

Kids first day of school! 7th grade and 4th grade, I swear the years are flying by… I can still remember 7th & 4th grade.


When I have to “hold his hat” I take selfies 🙂

Seville Quarter Teen Night

Seville Quarter Teen Night

& the moment you’re thankful social media wasn’t around when you were in high school, pictures like this from “Teen Night” show up on FB and you realize you’re still not safe from those crazy high school years!

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