Monthly Memories – Summertime 2016 {May – July}

Hey  well the hustle and bustle of summer and back to school and things here are finally settling down and everyone is getting back on their schedules. While I love the laid back-ness of summer, it seems that nothing goes as planned or how it should because there is no schedule or order. Having a schedule and a “plan” to me just makes everything run smoother and I always seem to get so much done when I am scheduled. Also at the beginning of summer I had some personal things happen that I will be sharing a little later and I feel like it completely knocked me off my game, as life does sometimes but we’re still here and I just returned from the amazing Megaphone Summit Conference in Fayetteville, Arkansas and I’m very inspired and motivated. So back to business and thank you all for being so amazing and checking in on me and seeing how things are with me! I can’t thank you all enough!


May 2016

2016-05-02 11.17.49

My flying face on early morning flights, but I love my eyes in this pic. {Those come from Daddy}

2016-05-01 16.38.31

2016-05-01 16.38.37

So proud of this girl! Nurse Alexis!

2016-05-02 14.03.31

2016-05-04 11.21.14

This is my daddy’s guitar, it’s the one he played the most! I love these two pictures of my son with it and he’s so excited to learn how to play guitar! <3

2016-05-04 11.21.18

2016-05-06 21.03.22

Another long day of work, kids, and chores.

2016-05-08 00.55.11

These two ladies are twins born a year apart! ^^ They are so much alike in so many ways.

2016-05-08 00.55.23

2016-05-08 04.01.34

Where is the time going? This girl is getting too big for me, I can wear her shoes (well actually not anymore, they’re too big) & she can wear my clothes!

2016-05-11 22.45.27

2016-05-11 22.45.37

Birthday Boy @ his birthday movie!

2016-05-13 04.52.39

Awwwwwwwwww!!! xoxoxoxo

2016-05-14 16.17.37

This stuff here ^^^, yeh it’s awesome!

2016-05-15 06.36.38

2016-05-15 14.11.10

Cupcake Face!
2016-05-16 20.27.27

Working on his Tardis with his daddy!

2016-05-20 04.37.10

This sweet girl smiling!

2016-05-21 17.42.38

Moments like these melt my heart! Headed to her dance recital!

2016-05-21 19.30.24

Take a look at Laila! Her mean face, lol 🙂

2016-05-22 01.58.06

2016-05-22 03.41.34

She came to see us at Laila’s recital! She and her mommy were our special guest! <3

2016-05-24 21.32.04

Hair cut & nice outfit for his first job interview! Volunteering for the summer at the Pensacola Public Library.

2016-05-28 21.12.31

Birthday Girl & her crazy sleepover party!

2016-05-28 21.14.01

2016-05-30 11.12.21

2016-05-31 03.53.37


June 2016

Monthly Memories

Bathroom flooding is not how you wanted to start the month!

Monthly Memories

Monthly Memories

Cheesecakes – The first one is Lemon and ohhh it’s amazing but the second one, oh yes, it’s to die for! BUSHWACKER – Ladies & Gentleman you heard that right Bushwacker Cheesecake! from Szotski’s Cheesescakes in Pensacola, FL

Monthly Memories

She loves Judy Moody, showing me her new book she is reading.

Monthly Memories

Monthly Memories

Wearing her mermaid bib 🙂 made by Aunt Kari

Monthly Memories

On an adventure!

Monthly Memories

Monthly Memories

I love getting these memories, they always come at the right time.

Monthly Memories

I wish I was a cat so I could get good sleep like this.



This picture makes my heart happy! {My brother & my neice, she loves music}

2016-07-17 18.24.59

Isn’t this banana spider web beautiful?

2016-07-13 09.28.03

This cat thinks he’s human, he wanted to be included in the conversation.

2016-07-11 15.08.22

Her negotiation face- {Find out what she was trying to negotiate on Instagram @RaisedSouthern1}

2016-07-11 03.47.11

2016-07-11 03.47.09

2016-07-11 03.46.58

Sun kissed beach bums, enjoyed their day at the beach & lunch at the Shrimp Basket!

2016-07-11 03.46.24

2016-07-11 03.46.21

2016-07-09 22.43.57

Dr. Who day at the Foley Public Library – These Dr. Who lovers enjoyed seeing K9 and checking out all the awesome Dr. Who stuff.

2016-07-03 22.12.33

2016-07-03 22.11.28-1

2016-07-03 22.10.55

2016-07-03 21.39.37
The 4th was so much fun but we heard fireworks for what felt like weeks….

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