Don’t Hibernate this Winter, have fun with Fruit Shoot

It can be very easy to hibernate during the winter, even down here in the South we have days where it’s too cold to leave the house or get out from underneath the covers. This winter get out and have go on an adventure with Fruit Shoot. Fruit Shoot is great grab and go drink your children will love to have while you go on your adventures. This particular day it was really too cold to do anything so we decided to get out of the house for a Family dinner with our extended family before we headed to the movies.  If you’ve never heard of Fruit Shoot you MUST check out all the delicious flavors they have here on their website. You can visit by clicking HERE or type it in your address bar yourself and like them on Facebook HERE or copy and paste this into your address bar

Fruit Shoot

I was not made for Winter and prefer to live in my flip flops on a beach where it is sunny and 75 degrees, but even down here on the Gulf Coast we aren’t always so lucky to have days like that and if it’s cold well you won’t find us outside, indoor activities only. Typically that means from the months of January to March ( which is when we have our winter) we don’t leave the house much but we needed to get out! We decided to head out to our local Pizza Hut for dinner before we headed out for a family movie and of course it was amazing. Pizza doesn’t always have to be delivery.

Doesn’t that look delicious?

Not only was our family dinner perfect and HOT but by going to Pizza Hut and purchasing Fruit Shoot we help support Pizza Hut’s ” First Book” literacy program. At participating Pizza Hut’s every time a Fruit Shoot product is purchased through April 30, 2017, $0.05 will be donated per bottle to the First Book literacy program. I was very excited to not only be purchasing a better option than soda/pop for my children but to be helping others as well. You can find out more about the Literacy program HERE 

My children and I also purchase Fruit Shoot regularly from our local stores and you can find where they are available in your area HERE and purchase them for our beach days. Like I said previously that here on the Gulf Coast we don’t have much of a winter so sometimes we have days where it’s 65-70 degrees and on this particular day we headed out to do some target shooting on the bay where we live with the kids. Of course Fruit Shoot was with us for this adventure as well and we had a ball! Read More

Make sure while your not only enjoying your fruit shoot and grabbing them for all your winter adventures be sure to like them on Facebook for all the up to date adventures and flavors!

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