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Kari Scott


I am a Southern gal from the Alabama Gulf Coast, a homeschooling mama of two, lover of all things to do with the beach, adventures, and creativity. I started Raised Southern in 2012 and really started building my brand in 2014. Since 2014 I have connected with over 4,000 members with my email list and posts on all things mothering, creating with kids, DIY, recipes and more. Also, I have worked with over 20 brands on campaigns to promote their amazing products and/or services. My favorite thing about working with brands is being an influencer and helping people find out more about products that not only I love, but they will love and benefit from too.




Perdido Bay, AL - Raised Southern


I have two minis (my kids) that I refer to mostly as dude and dudette so you will know who I am talking about if you see that throughout my posts. Dude is a teenager, 13 ( I truly can’t believe I have one of those) and Dudette is 10 and the sassiest girl I know. We homeschool and it has been pretty good for all of us, flexibility is a necessity in our family, especially with my career and the things they want to do in life and I want them to be able to experience.



Raised Southern